Tintoreras Tour



Las tintoreras is an islet located south of Puerto Villamil, it has a bay of calm waters where you can see the blue sharks and the fauna of this island.


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Tintoreras Tour

The Tintoreras is a small rocky islet, which remains in its natural state and additionally has a small group of sea lions, marine iguanas and birds that stay on the rocks to rest, its name is because here there is a crack of volcanic lava that has formed a kind of channels that have become the favorite place of blue sharks (endemic species of the Galapagos Islands).
The tour starts at the dock of Puerto Villamil, where we will embark and begin to navigate for approximately 10 minutes, once we arrive we will snorkel in this site is possible to see sea lions, blue footed boobies, zayapas, sea turtles, starfish, tropical fish, rays, sharks, pelicans and Galapagos penguins. This place is also a nesting site for marine iguanas, which allows close encounters with these animals.
After this we will take a short walk around the islet and then return to the port.

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